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Full Body TriFecta

DSC02354.png a full body strength and muscle building program that requires 3 gym sessions per week with optional off day "trigger sessions".
It is phased into 3 mini-cycles to make sure you see CONTINUAL progress. It is 10 week program from start to finish.


This is a 1 time buy, the program is yours forever!

Only 399 kr

a lot of value for your money...

Each cycle is designed to specifically address a different facet of muscle adaptation and each facet contributes to the ultimate goal of bigger, stronger muscles. We do not want to focus on one facet for too long because your body stagnates as the adaptation signal loses its potency.

The adaptation is what happens when your body changes, get stronger, build muscle and burn body fat. 
This program causes your body to change in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Once done with the program, you can always start all over again.
The only thing you need to adjust is weights, since you got stronger, and in order to improve, our body needs to adapt, again. 

By following the program you will understand the principles on how the program is designed and how it works. This will teach you to create your own programs in the future, or create your own TriFecta by swapping some of the exercises with other of your choice.

Send me an email and I will provide you with everything you need to get started! 

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